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about us

We specialize in import customs brokerage only.

At Regal Customs brokers our goal is to ensure the highest level of customs clearance service as possible.

Our clients range from Freight Forwarders, Importers, and individuals. No matter the size of your shipment "Regal Brokers" will treat you like royalty.

Our superior software system help ensure mistake free processing of your customs shipments. We are proud to say that the technology that we use is far superior to our competitors.

Experience is key, and our partners have over 100 years of customs experience combined. Since 2011 we started small and pioneered the industry utilizing every advantage we can harness in order to bring the highest standard of business possible.

Our entry writers are all part of the team and share in the success of our company. That is the real key to our success. We empower our people and they respond with loyalty and commitment to excellence.

services we provide

  • Local and Remote Entry Processing
  • ACH- Statement Processing
  • FDA Processing ( Device & Facilities Listings )
  • Prior Notice ( FDA )
  • Fish & Wildlife Clearance / Cites /Permit Services
  • USDA USDA and PQ clearance
  • Passenger clearances at terminals
  • Registrations
  • Tariff Consultations and Ruling Requests
  • Importer Security Filings
  • US Customs Fine & Penalty
  • Import and Export Carnets
  • PQ Inspections